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Under Glass

by Field Report

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Every Time 04:30
the sunset seemed excessive three hours out of town the great expanse of freedom bound our wrists by all accounts Who was walking on the wire and who was on the ground? we were watching one another, gasping out loud moving air as the tightrope trembled like a tumbler topped off for a toast so full you can’t move it anywhere every time last night I had a dream: there was tartar on your teeth and you had me gently, with a knife, loosening it free and then spread it all around like sunscreen at the beach we were laying there for hours, your head resting on my knee while the late-season ice was sneering from the shade I’m gonna keep you under glass and key trapped in amber memory a secret anniversary of a first day every time There is someone where I go now who reminds me of how you looked that morning in the sunlight when I saw how you looked under glass How many first days do we have the nerve to wait for? I see you every time I go every time I think of home every time I feel alone every time a plane flies low every time I hear the phone every time my cover’s blown I see you every time
what else could we do but go looking for something new away from the old place Time will pass; weeds will be growing where they want to grow after the storms have raged Cut the blossom of the weed, hoard the thorns, pluck the leaves one by one: love me not, love me love me please they buried us not knowing we were seeds. Time is a bird with a mean, hooked beak just waiting around to work on you and on me Share a private wince; feel the pulse on the inside of a wound begun to weep Shotgun wedding, black on blue the river’s swelling like a bruise we were kissing in the car like libertines when you hold me just ignore what I say and love me reckless in spite of the neck brace if the welcome’s worn but the room is warm cut the bandage all the way down to the waist wash us in the river, sparkling clean hooked up to the wires and flashing lights of your healing machine I’m wide awake and I can’t get to sleep I’m wide awake and I can’t fall asleep
Illinois, where the tracks get wide Hiawatha and the sun is shining little Seven Up poured on stomach lining it will settle down in time Took the change jar from the entryway while you were busy piling up your rage into a hill to climb to should at God and rub your pink scars in his face Baby, nothing’s fair we bet against the house and you got drunk and said our love was doubt doubled down now the table’s turning over; the fall is falling through I miss you like the old songs up loud the way we used to do If I could still live inside your occupied mind the week the dog went deaf I called for her all night when I found her I stared into her big, dumb eyes and mouthed “everything’s all right” Panic in the quiet; tinnitus chiming like the hangers in your closet banging wire on wire tinkling together like when you left the first time pacing room to empty room gathering all the clues you left for me to find if I could still live inside your occupied mind
If one of us is the ocean and if one of us is the moon we haven’t found the pattern yet, figured who’s been pulling who Turn the telescope back around; get these troubles out of view Forgiveness does not excuse— it’s to prevent all the other from destroying you Never turn around and look back Before the matter was settled, before there was a name for this, you were out dancing in traffic. Near miss! You thought you had pulled it off, but everybody knew all along if they ain’t picking up what you’re throwing down at least you gave them something to talk about Never turn around and look back Cut my hair with your pocketknife- I trust you with my eyes closed I don’t need you to try, I just need you to know I’ve earned what I’ve been going and I am all about the day when we cut it all off and throw it all away forgiveness does not excuse it just prevents all of the others from destroying you


released November 22, 2019

Under Glass EP - Field Report

Produced by Daniel Holter & Christopher Porterfield
Recorded and mixed by Daniel Holter at Wire & Vice (Milwaukee, WI)
Assisted by Ian Olvera

all songs written and performed by Christopher Porterfield
published by Rough Trade Songs (BMI) administered by Rough Trade Publishing

01 Every Time (4:30)
02 Healing Machine (3:34)
03 Occupied Mind (4:22)
04 Never Look Back (3:27)

cover art designed by Thom Wolfe


all rights reserved



Field Report Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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